Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Project 1.0_Chemical Brothers_ Star Guitar

Additional work needed and anotation. Thiee premise of this Chronogram is map the Video of Chemical Brothers Star Guitar. Having watched the video extensively and noting that the camera is in a fixed position and that it is the landscape comprised of still photography that move and are looped and edited to reflect the change of  beat in the tune. Taking this on board i have approached the chronogram in this matter mapping how the landscape in particualr to the camera view is edited to the song and have chosen to map such. paying particualr interest to the genre of the music the graphic may seem harsh but i feel it is in keeping with how the band present themselves in a live environment. Noting that the landscape acts as the bars within the song i have tried to reflet this in the chronogram in order to convey the movement with the video.

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